A week of events!

Photo by Guy Degen. Newsgameshack

Newsgames Hackathon – Crunch time

What an amazing week! We participated in the first Newsgames Hackathon of Europe, where we met journalists and game designers from many countries. The result is that everyone learned a lot from each other: game designers appreciated the high value a journalist can bring to a game, and journalists understood games from a wider perspective.

Despite of the fact newsgames genre is a decade old, it’s been silent until a few years ago when Tomas Rawlings revamped it. And thanks to events like this hackathon, journalists and press media are investing on this games as a powerful communication medium.

There we teamed with very cool people to produce a game about media attention around the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnap story. Find it next to the games produced in the hackathon http://newsgames-hackathon.tumblr.com/games


Find me! – Screengrab of our game

Right after the hackathon Clash of Realities conference started. There we attended interesting talks about Serious Games and narrative in videogames and we also had the chance to talk there about our projects, thanks for that!

Now we’re back to reality, in this week Magnetoid broke the 1000 downloads and rising. And our hearts are already beating for Magnet-O-Bro!!

Stay tuned earthlings, your world is coming to an hilarious end…

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