Gamescom 2014

gamescom 2014 with Room 247 Studio

The gamescom is one of the biggest fairs for video games and we will be there too. Come and visit us in Hall 10.2 at booth F015. The cologne game lab (Cologne University of Applied Siences) was so kind to give us a little spot at their booth.
We will show the new developed MAGNETOID HD with insane game modes and a 2-Player Versus Competition, some more insights on our big project „Magnet-O-Bro“ and a brand new trailer for Factory Black, a Horror-Adventure lurking in the dark corners of our office. We could stop right here but we have more to offer.


Super special secret code for MAGNETOID !

Download the newest Version 1.1.5 of MAGNETOID in the Play Store and visit us at our booth. There, after a hard trial you will be deemed worthy to receive the super special secret code. What code you ask? How about the code to unlock 2 new game modes for MAGNETOID? Mindblown! Here in five easy steps:

  1. Download or update Magnetoid to 1.1.5
  2. Visit us at Hall 10.2, F015 (cologne game lab)
  3. Get the code
  4. Profit


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