Internal Game Jam Update

Two weeks have passed and we succeeded! Well, partially. We achieved to develop a playable prototype which involved hours of discussion, mind boggling and math doodles in the whiteboard. We learned that even the smallest of the game ideas require very deep thinking and tons of questions to be solved. But we love what we are doing and want to extend the deadline another week!!

In a jam-like state, the decisions are taken recklessly and often you need to “try out and see”. This has taken ourselves in a looping process of play-testing and going back to the design process, until the gameplay felt right -or more often “just right”.

Let’s recap on what’s the game about: In a vertical endless runner, one-button, magnetism-based game, players switch the polarity of the game character to make it stick to the magnetized walls, which are in both sides of the screen, in order to avoid obstacles and reach the maximum height.

The actual state of the project is a playable and enjoyable prototype (Volker holds the record with 3499 meters), although not good enough to publish yet. What we can show is some eye-candy we’ve been working on:

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Stay tuned this week as we make the final steps of this pixelated minigame, check our Twitter account.

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