Magnet-O-Bro got a funding!



Just when we were scratching the bottom of our pockets in search of some cents, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW had mercy upon us and threw us a bag with unmarked dollars are kindly financing our project Magnet-O-Bro. This was confirmed at the end of last year but it took some time (and tons of printed paper) until we finally signed the contract.

They are helping us to develop a prototype until the end of the year. We are already kicking our asses and racking our brains to make it awesome. Let’s expose some ground ideas this game will have:We got funded!

  1. It’s a platformer, but a special one. Why? Because it’s about the two coolest robots of the galaxy, the Magnet-O-Bros!
  2. It features electro-magnetic mechanics. Well, kind of… let’s say Faradayan mechanics. Yeah. Cool. Now Faraday should be turning in his grave…
  3. The gameplay is strongly focused on two-player mode, with a turn: versus and cooperative mode on-the-fly. You think that’s not possible? Just look at quantum mechanics! … great, now I can hear Plank groaning.

Thanks a lot to the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW!


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