Magnetoid first prototype!

UPDATE: The final version is on Google Play! Give it a try:

PLAY IT RIGHT NOW!! But please remember it’s an early prototype, there’s a lot of work to do yet! Try it out and drop us some feedback.

» Download the .apk! «

Let’s recap about what is this game about:

Magnetoid is a vertical endless runner, featuring a magnetic robot that sticks to the polarized walls and rolls upwards in an increasing speed.

The player has to change the robot’s polarity by tapping on the screen, which will make it move from side to side, avoiding obstacles to reach the maximum height.

Soon enough, the beta will be released in Google Play store, and it will include:

  1. Hilarious achievements!
  2. Sound and music!
  3. Localization!
  4. Additional gameplay features (surprise!)
  5. Bug fixes!


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  1. Wohoo 8358 meters !

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