Magnetoid “Moon” update!

Hello magnetic rollers! Did you break the sound barrier yet? Now we give you more reasons to do so: new update loaded with cool stuff!

  • New rewarding-as-ever almost-infinite pixel-crafted backgrounds. Keep rolling to see them all!
  • New achievement for avid players and compulsive unlockers.
  • GUI fixes.
  • Slightly improved boost-ready feedback. Seriously, we’ve been told that some of you didn’t even notice there’s a boost. Nuts, uh?
  • Dozens of bugs smashed down like SPLAT! POOF! SPIFF! ZAP!
  • Secret surprise…

Well, update’s code name is obviously related to the secret, but we don’t think you are that smart… what’s that? You found what is it about? You think you’re a genius? Pics or it didn’t happen!!

Update the app in your human mobile terminal or download it here:

Play on-line on Magnetoid’s website.

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