Magnetoid stats: Brazillians loved us!

Well, it seems like it was yesterday, but 12 weeks have past since the release of Magnetoid. The numbers at June 24th say it has 1,529 current installs and a total of 4,286 downloads. Those are big numbers for us, first-timers and lazy-marketers.

These are some of the articles talking about us. It was really exciting to see that some of them just discovered the game themselves:

  • “If Magnetoid is any indication of their talent for simple, clean fun, I’d definitely recommend checking them out!”
  • “A gift for highscore-lovers and casual gamers alike.”
  • “Ya estáis tardando en echarle el guante.”
  • “WARNING: Moments of meditative focus can lead to sensory climax.”
  • “How far do you think you can stay alive?”
  • “Schließlich kann man solche in-Game-Ansagen wie ‘You tap like a cow!’ doch nicht auf sich sitzen lassen.”.
  • “Do you like Day-Glo colors? Do you like unnecessarily pixelated game art? Do you like things moving incredibly fast in a single direction? Then Magnetoid is for you.”
  • “It will draw you like a magnet”
  • “Magnetoid is a cool new endless runner that’ll keep you strapped in trying to beat your own high score.”
  • “All I want to do is destroy the world. Which would explain why I’ve been relentlessly playing Magnetoid despite being quite terrible at it.”
  • “8.5/10 MAGNETOID is a colorful runner arcade for quick minds and fast fingers!”

And since the game is super complex and players usually get lost, somebody wrote a “how to play” guide! Check it out at Fortunately he didn’t discover the cheat codes…

Well, I’d like to point out that our marketing strategy was… well, we had none! We just emailed some magazines and posted in message boards to get some feedback. I think we also bought a review once, just for trying, but didn’t make much difference since it was not supported by other actions.

In most cases we noticed a direct connection between our actions and the increase of installs, but for one special event: a massive install increase in Brazil that surprised us. Almost 500 Brazilians installed Magnetoid in a single day! Maybe it spread by word of mouth, maybe we were a hit in their social networks, or maybe it was this post at that we just found; anyway we’re very happy about it. Probably, the fact that we localized the game in Portuguese helped a lot too. So, write down 100 times: localize your games!

Check the charts and observe how Brazil takes over:


From now on we’re letting the game to live its own life, pushing it eventually but not too much as to embarrass this little adult. And we have filled the wall with post-its for Magnet-o-Bro, which means that we’re working, or at least that the wall looks prettier now…

Back to work, you soft lazy Earthling!!

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