Our team is complete, let’s jam!

room247studio_welcomeWe are very excited to present you our two new members of our team that will occupy the empty chairs that started to be dusty. They will take care of programming and engine implementation. Welcome to our studio Jan Vogt and Vagen Ayrapetyan! [public stands in a wild ovation].

So, we were wondering… since we don’t know each other yet, how to break the ice? With a Game Jam of course! It would engage the team together and test our workflow, so we could take notes and learn from this experience before we start the real production of our main project, Magnet-o-Bro. Moreover, the small tiny micro video game that we produce, will feature a simplification of its core mechanics, so we have the opportunity to start grasping and prototyping it. Hurray!

The game jam starts tomorrow, and will last two weeks, hopefully it’s time enough to produce something decent without draining our sleep. And it will be released for you guys to play! Uh… maybe… (sigh).

We will keep updated our Twitter account and publish some pictures and screenshots during the development.

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  1. is it any kind of dress code that all of you are wearing stonewash jeans? BTW, congrats for that Magnetoid game, I can’t wait to see its bro’ in action!

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