Magnetoid stats: Brazillians loved us!


Well, it seems like it was yesterday, but 12 weeks have past since the release of Magnetoid. The numbers at June 24th say it has 1,529 current installs and a total of 4,286 downloads. Those are big numbers for us, first-timers and lazy-marketers. These are some of the articles talking … Continue reading

Magnetoid “Moon” update!


Hello magnetic rollers! Did you break the sound barrier yet? Now we give you more reasons to do so: new update loaded with cool stuff! New rewarding-as-ever almost-infinite pixel-crafted backgrounds. Keep rolling to see them all! New achievement for avid players and compulsive unlockers. GUI fixes. Slightly improved boost-ready feedback. … Continue reading

Magnetoid update: Applying feedback


Hi everyone! We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re applying it to improve the game. Thanks to you we’re close to release! One of the most remarkable comments has been about the graphics, which look cluttered some times, distracting and confusing the player. To solve this, we ‘cleaned’ the … Continue reading