Things from the past – Part 1

First encounter

Stay awhile and listen. This is the first part of three stories where we tell about the origin of Room 247.

Not really surprisingly we first met each other in a project at the university. The project itself was already game related even if it was stated as “not a game”. Prof. Bartholdy was the supervisor and creator of this project called Brothers Grimm 3.0. The task was to create an enhanced book for the iPad.

But why is this interesting? First we got to know each other better and could see how we work and think. We recognized each others value and passion for creating games. Since it was not a game but an enhanced book, it forced us to rethink the concept of interactivity and use of media. To enhance the experience of a story we had to consider the context: What type of story do we have? Who is the user? In what situation is it read?

A valuable lesson that influenced our game design thinking and had also impact on later projects.


A scary story

by: Guido Göbbels, Katrin Kläser, Volker Zerbe, Carmen Johann and Patrick Feldt

Godfather Death

by: Pablo López Soriano, Bolivar Escobar and Janik Balzer

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