Things from the past – Part 3

Four crazy ideas

Global Game Jam made us eager to play around and learn more about video games. As students of KISD (Köln International School of Design) we started a self-initiated project with the goal of experiment the game development process. Then we could see how each phase works, and hopefully learn how it should be done.

Our main challenge was to bring ideas from scratch, without any thoughts about what we were going to do. Although it seemed scary at first, the lack of bounderies and limits made us bring up wild and crazy ideas which formed a common ground for the coming concepts.

We made several rounds of 5-minute individual pitches for presenting quick game ideas, not even concepts. Let’s introduce some of them:

Lab Rat

Labrat_Wallpaper_1_by_farbenleereYou are a lab rat and you want to escape the laboratory. On your way out you can free other animals. You gain certain powers through chemicals or experiments.

Not the worst idea if you look at Tiny Brains.


Monsters, Missile & Magic

MMM-gangIt is simple and easy. The player (multi-player too) fights its way from left to right through armies of enemies.It’s a more casual game based on fun while playing with friends.

Funny moments, stats and achievements are presented in a photo-book at the end of the level. So if some player pushes another player “accidently”  into a pit the game will make a screenshot and at the end the player gets a photo with the title “jackass” or even an achievement.

These memories and achievements can be shared during the game or maybe even through facebook.


Overlapping universes

OverlappingConsequences-640x553A doctor like any other discover how to distort the space-time continuum by opening portals to parallel universes.You need to solve a scenario-puzzle by overlapping a piece of another universe with yours, wich will mix both universes in a random way. Meanwhile some ugly enemies try to bite your ass.

You solve the scenario by passing through obstacles, triggering some levers, flooding with water, messing up with gravity, and another crazy stuff.


Bomb & Fuse

Character_first_ConceptBomb and Fuse are 2 Robots. Their aim is to cross a landscape littered with metal pieces to get to central big artifact. They can manipulate the metal with magnetic force. When Bomb reaches the artifact first the world will be destroyed but if Fuse is there first the world will be saved.


After all that brainstorming we learnt that ideas can appear very interesting to yourself, and you stick to them willing they become true. But after team discussion and criticism you end figuring out they aren’t really good.

This may be sad but not bad at all: you always keep some core idea or mechanism that can be used afterwards. In fact, most of the times we said “I like this part but not this one”, so we collected a bunch of features that we liked as: Magnetism, NPC communication, humorous setting, hotseat, robotic universe and puzzle.

All those features doesn’t say much about a game, we still had to sit down and think about the gameplay concept, but we were on our way.

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