Things from the past – Part 4

story-640x508Dead end

 – Sometimes you have to kill your babies. No real ones of course but ideas and concepts that don’t work. Here the sad story about a concept we had to kill.

As written in part 3, we collected a lot of ideas and tried to form a game out of this, but we made the mistake to think that a bunch of good game play ideas will work for a concept. The collection of ideas were added up together to a story driven cooperative puzzle platformer with adventure like elements. Can you notice something wrong already? Check again with more detail:

gameplay-640x516The game idea included:

  • Electro magnetic manipulation (this includes a bit more than just magnetism).

  • Platformer with puzzles.

  • A storyline concerning recent activities.

  • Characters made out of electric parts.

  • 2 players enhancing/helping each other.

  • Communication with NPC through electromagnetic bursts.

  • Steam punk / tech style (like Machinarium, but different).

  • Storyline based loosely on epic concept of the heroes journey.

At the end we had a nice game idea with a bit of everything but maybe therefore generic and without fun.

* Rebirth *

We threw out everything and started new.

Reviewing the old pitches in search for something good, we noticed something in the “Bomb and Fuse” idea: there was a big artefact in the background, a big robot. And then we asked why not the robot is the stage instead of just a decorative goal? And why not destroy the world instead of save it? Why not making the game a bit faster and with more action?

We were excited with this new idea but we were still missing a higher concept like the one we had in “Tales of Archy”.

But this is long enough! Next post we’ll talk about that.


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