What is Magnet-O-Bro?


Magnet-O-Bro’s original idea is already two years old —when we produced a little proof of concept that brought us to our actual state. It has evolved, but the core principles behind have remained the same.

The setting

The plot that gives life to this concept sounds like a sci-fi flick where a huge robot invades Earth again and the poor citizens have nothing to do but run, scream and die. Our game tells the story of two metallic siblings that like to destroy planets as an amusement, and now it’s the turn of The Earth.

They approach in an enormously big and infinitely awesome robot, and they struggle for its control “No! You destroyed the last patch of rocks! It’s my turn now!” Meanwhile, the huge robot crashes into Earth and they’re popped out of it. Now they must race to the top of it to regain its control.

That’s right, the levels are placed inside a huge robot, so be ready for some vertigo, folks!

The higher concept

This game is a multi player racing platformer featuring two robot characters with magnetic power who roll up a vertical track. The initial concept behind the game is to explore the contradictory nature of sibling rivalry. Players can choose freely and on the fly to cooperate or compete in order to beat the game in an efficient and therefore rewarding way. This is inspired by our personal experiences with our brothers and sisters, where we fought a lot but also helped each other.

siblings by Guido

Our intention is that the levels allow both cooperative and competitive gameplay on the fly. This is a big challenge, since most games prompt a mode selection before starting the game, but we’re racking our brains hard.

The mechanics

We always wanted to experiment with magnetism, and two years ago we didn’t find any big game based on the that, so we had a good motivation to go down that road. As time passed, we’ve spotted some games based on magnetism, some as known as Teslagrad or Magnetic by Nature, and some less known but very interesting like Polarity.

Finding those games was a wake up call, “What? Are there other people working on the same ideas?” Yeah, as if we were the only nerds on this rock. But we looked on the bright side, determined to produce something even cooler and better and bigger and… well, at least we’ll try to do something that we love.

Well, how’s the gameplay? Players control spherical robots that can’t jump but roll and use magnetic abilities to navigate through the levels. They can also attract each other to perform impossible tricks!


At first glance, one can think magnetism is simple: a magnet has two poles, unlike poles attract, and like poles repel. This is how we started to think of our game: players change character’s polarity to interact with the polarized magnets on the level. But this decision takes some time and adds an unnecessary step between what players want (be attracted to or repelled from) and have to do (thinking which polarity the magnet is and activate the appropriate polarity according to their wish).

Therefore, we removed the polarity switch, now players just trigger the attraction or repulsion state, aiming to non-polarized platforms. No more control mingling, unleashed fast paced gameplay, yay!

Ok, that’s enough for today! Back to work, you soft, weak earthling!

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